Pavement absorption ISO13472-2:2010 ISO10844


Pavement absorption ISO13472-2:2010 ISO10844

Road Surface Absorption Measurement System
Measure road surface sound absorption in situ in according to ISO 13472-2:2010.
The ISO 13472-2:2010 describes the test method for measuring in situ sound absorption coefficient of road surfaces for the one-third octave-band frequencies ranging from 250 Hz to 1600 Hz under normal incidence conditions. For special purposes, the frequency range can be adjusted by modifying the dimensions of the system.

Turnkey solution system
One carrying case for the complete system
Heavy-duty grade aluminium tube
Stainless steel reflection reference
USB DAQ low distortion power amplifier
Plug and Play system
Realtime data analysis monitoring
Processing and analysis according to ISO 13472, ISO 10534, GB/T 18696
Easy data export to Excel
Automatic broadband noise generator

Passby noise ISO190821

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